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A New Era: How NFTs
Can Revolutionize the Digital Publishing Market

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29 Mar 2022, 15:00 CEST
Digital Summit

Join us for “All About Blockchain”

  • We will hear experts across industries talk about the potential and opportunities blockchain technology offers the publishing industry. 

  • We will discuss how publishers can actively shape this new digital
    product and prepare for all the upcoming changes to publishers’
    digital strategies.

  • Our experts will take questions from the audience and discuss the available products, business models and channels to consider when getting started with NFTs.

  • This event is free of charge and will take place virtually.


Teo Pham, Delta School: The future of media, NFTs and the metaverse


Teo Pham is one of the leading experts when it comes to NFTs and the metaverse. He is the founder of the largest German speaking web3 community as well as the host of the WΞB3 conference and the „Trends“ Podcast.


Joanna Penn, Author, Podcaster, Futurist: Blockchain and NFTs for Authors – Creativity, Collaboration, Community, and Cash


Joanna Penn writes non-fiction for authors and is an award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author as J.F. Penn. 


Daud Zulfacar, Why NFTs are the perfect fit for tomorrow's IP industry


Daud Zulfacar is founder of, a customizable white label platform specializing in the topic of licensing.

Caitlin Strempel, MetaMint Marketing: Effectively Market with NFTs


Caitlin Strempel is the founder of MetaMint Marketing, the first-ever woman-owned NFT marketing agency for female-focused brands.

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Kristen McLean, The NPD Group: NFTs and other digital innovations will pick up speed – Publisher's Panel


Kristen McLean is the executive director of business development and the primary industry analyst at NPD Books.

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James Faktor, Lume Books, Bookvolts: Publisher's Panel


James Faktor is the Co-Founder of Bookvolts, the world's first NFT book publishing company, and Publishing Director for the UK independent publishing house Lume Books.


Philipp Nastaly, Holtzbrinck: Publisher's Panel


Philipp Nastaly is Vice President for Strategy & Transformation at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Whilst being fairly new to the publishing industry, he has many years of experience in developing, building & managing new digital business models within the media industry. At Holtzbrinck, Philipp is responsible for the group’s Entertainment growth strategy, including all efforts relating to Web3 / NFT.


Markus Dömer, Carlsen: Publisher's Panel


Dr. Markus Dömer heads the Business Development & AR/VR TechHub unit at Carlsen Verlag GmbH, part of the Swedish Bonnier Group. The core objective of his department is the product-based development of new digital business areas. It deals with the development of digitally enhanced books and new media-related application fields for virtual and augmented reality technology. His team is also developing innovative ideas for new interactive storytelling formats for mobile devices and interactive speakers and is constantly refining e-book and app formats.


Eric Bartoletti, Carsten Lambrecht, Bookwire: How publishers can easily enter the world of NFTs and create their own Digital Originals with Creatokia


Eric Bartoletti is Head of Business Development at Bookwire. Carsten Lambrecht is General Manager for Creatokia. 

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Our Mission

Let’s talk about blockchain

Blockchain technology represents the next step in media and digital publishing. It opens up new opportunities that will have a long-lasting effect on how we produce and consume content.


NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) are non-replaceable, digitally protected objects on a blockchain.This new format offers a new way to present your content to your audience and benefits from strengths unique to NFTs:

  • NFTs ownership can be clearly assigned to a specific user 

  • NFTs are created and sold in limited numbers (unique digital items)

  • NFTs can be linked to digital content (images, text, audio, etc.)


  • NFTs can act as user authentication for access to digital communities

  • NFT transactions and ownership are transparent on the blockchain

  • NFT resales can bring reselling commissions for publishers

What awaits you?

There is a lot to discuss as we explore the potential of NFTs for publishing. However, the topic is complex and we are only starting to discover best-practices for this format. Moreover, established permission standards, regulations and laws are also now catching up to the new technological possibilities of NFTs.  


In order to get a better understanding of the potential and impact of blockchain technology on the publishing industry, we need a closer exchange between blockchain and publishing experts. 


With “All About Blockchain” Bookwire offers you a forum and the opportunity to delve deeper into this fascinating subject from a publishing perspective. Movers and shakers from publishing will meet experts from the field of blockchain. Join us!

The conference will take place virtually on 29 March at 15:00 CEST/9:00 EST.

Register for free here. We look forward to seeing you!

Our Mission

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About us


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