3 pm
Videl Bar-Kar, Bookwire: Welcome


Videl Bar-Kar has over 20 years media industry experience in both corporate and start up environments. He has worked in publishing for over a decade, first as Director of the Ways With Words literary festival, then as the first Audio Publisher for Penguin Random House, where he led an award winning team across editorial, production and marketing to create the UK’s leading audiobook publisher. As Global Head of Audio for Bookwire, Videl leads the international expansion of the company’s rapidly growing audio business, from production through distribution of audiobooks and the development of flexible, end-to-end solutions for publishers across all markets.

VBK_2598x2362 Kopie.jpg

3.05 pm
Teo Pham, Delta School: The future of media, NFTs and the metaverse


The world of media and content creation is in the midst of a generational shift. New major franchises are built from the ground up by crypto-native digital communities, and NFTs give creators unprecedented tools to monetize their work and connect with their most loyal fans. How will traditional media companies adapt to this change and which new players and creators will be dominant in this new world


Teo Pham is one of the leading experts when it comes to NFTs and the metaverse. He is the founder of the largest German speaking web3 community as well as the host of the WΞB3 conference and the „Trends“ Podcast. On LinkedIn, he was awarded „TopVoice“ status as one of the leading digital business experts. As a consultant, he works with major global brands on their digital and metaverse strategy. Prior to that, he was an e-commerce startup founder, a business school professor and worked in corporate venture capital. 

3.35 pm

Joanna Penn: Blockchain and NFTs for Authors – Creativity, Collaboration, Community and Cash


In this lively presentation, author and futurist Joanna (J.F.) Penn will demonstrate how blockchain technologies and NFTs will enable authors and rights-holders to create, collaborate, foster community, and make more streams of income in the decade ahead.


Joanna Penn writes non-fiction for authors and is an award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author as J.F. Penn. She’s also an award-winning podcaster, creative entrepreneur, and international professional speaker.

4.05 pm

Daud Zulfacar, Why NFTs are the perfect fit for tomorrow's IP industry


NFTs had their first boom year in 2021 starting with Beeples 5000 Days auction. But NFTs can be so much more. We at looked at their potential since 2017 to fix the broken licensing industry. Here creators and IP holders are getting a new tool set that lets them monetize their creativity.

Daud Zulfacar pulled up one b2b startup to a successful company as an early employee. He established there various departments and turned the service company into a product house. He also tried several startup ideas in various web 2 areas and launched one of first online football communities. Since 2017 he builds products in the web 3.0 space and helping grow the crypto communities in Berlin by being a founding member of BerChain and the Factory Blockchain Brunches as help as well as helping organize events as the Berlin Blockchain week.

4.35 pm

Caitlin Strempel, MetaMint Marketing: Effectively Market with NFTs

Learn how to utilize NFTs & Web3 to create effective and unique marketing campaigns that help you sell out. In 2021, only 5% of sales in the NFT space went to women. Caitlin is here to bridge that gap and get wealth into the hands of more women.

headshot Caitlin Strempel square copy.jpg

Caitlin Strempel is the founder of MetaMint Marketing, the first-ever woman-owned NFT marketing agency for female-focused brands. She's a Forbes contributor, podcast host, and international speaker.  Working with startups all the way to large-scale global brands such as SheCan, Under Armour, P&G, Lexus, and more, Caitlin has helped brands reach 6-figure launches and million-dollar months.

05.05 pm
Publisher’s Panel: Markus Dömer (Carlsen), James Faktor (Bookvolts), Kristen McLean (NPD Books), Philipp Nastaly (Holtzbrinck)

The book market grows when new technology arrives, and generally that growth is additive. While it’s still early, NFTs and block-chain technology offer some interesting opportunities for books. From limited collectible editions to multimedia bundles, limited drop-editions from authors to fans, and enhanced e-book and audiobook programs, in which publishers continue to track ownership and receive incremental revenue, the possibilities are tantalizing. Gary Vaynerchuk’s recent marketing experiment is a case in point. NFTs should be a topic of conversation in strategic planning discussions.

KM New Headshot SM SQ.jpg

Kristen McLean is the executive director of business development and the primary industry analyst at NPD Books. Kristen is a 25-year publishing industry veteran. Her career has spanned many roles, including retailing, buying, field sales, marketing, and business development. This experience gives her an unusually deep perspective as a market analyst.

James headshot (2)_auto_x2_photos_v2_x2.jpg

James Faktor is the Co-Founder of Bookvolts, the world's first NFT book publishing company. James is also Publishing Director for a UK independent publishing house called Lume Books that specialises in digital publishing, and founder of USound, an audiobook recording service. He is also a writer and contributor to online publications.


Philipp Nastaly is Vice President for Strategy & Transformation at Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Whilst being fairly new to the publishing industry, he has many years of experience in developing, building & managing new digital business models within the media industry. At Holtzbrinck, Philipp is responsible for the group’s Entertainment growth strategy, including all efforts relating to Web3 / NFT.


Dr. Markus Dömer heads the Business Development & AR/VR TechHub unit at Carlsen Verlag GmbH, part of the Swedish Bonnier Group. The core objective of his department is the product-based development of new digital business areas. It deals with the development of digitally enhanced books and new media-related application fields for virtual and augmented reality technology. His team is also developing innovative ideas for new interactive storytelling formats for mobile devices and interactive speakers and is constantly refining e-book and app formats.

5.35 pm

Eric Bartoletti, Carsten Lambrecht, Bookwire: How publishers can easily enter the world of NFTs and create their own Digital Originals with Creatokia


The technology around NFTs is evolving quickly, as are use cases, platforms, projects and products. Working with the publishing industry for more than 10 years, Bookwire knows how to develop customer specific applications and digital tools for new kinds of businesses. With Creatokia, we have created an NFT platform focusing on the needs of the publishing industry. It serves as a gateway to NFT space for every publisher, allowing to easily create and publish NFT products. In this session, we will show you how Creatokia works, how we can support you in your own NFT strategy and what Creatokia will contribute to the future of NFTs.

Carsten Lambrecht.jpeg

Carsten Lambrecht is General Manager for Creatokia.


After studying business administration, Eric Bartoletti worked for several years as a corporate broker and in the field of investor relations before becoming a self-employed consultant for start-ups and international expansion strategies. Since August 2018, as Head of Business Development, he has been supporting the Bookwire management in strategic projects and driving the further development of the range of services for publishing clients.

6 pm
End of the Conference